Upcycled Cool Stuff!

We love that residents of our area take what is considered waste and made them cool. Their passion is apparent as is their entrepreneurial spirit. Love it!
Silver Nut Tree writes in to us as below. Recycled Bottle
The idea took root from the concept of finding immense potential in everyday objects thrown away as trash. The very hard questions posed by our children who were being introduced to the concepts of ecology and global warming for the first time in school led us to do some very serious thinking and remap the very perception of recycling, that a recycled product need not be drab and boring! It started with a humble PET plastic bottle which showed the promise of becoming a treasure that no owner would want to throw away ending in our planets already bulging landfills and polluted oceans. We realized that PET Plastic is just one among the potential hazards and went on to find ways to UP- CYCLE punctured rubber tubes, bottle caps, washers, nuts, CD’s and even glass bottles. At Silver Nut Tree the experiments go on, on a daily basis turning ‘trash’ into viable beautiful products, jewellery and home decor pieces, that in their finished avatars are hard to be associated to the humble base material used in their creation. Aptly named The Phoenix range, after the long-lived bird in Greek mythology that cyclically regenerated obtaining its new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor, as are everything created at SNT. We are Angeline Robinson and Rituparna das, the designers at Silver Nut Tree. Do visit our face book page https://www.facebook.com/SilverNutTree Email : silver.nut.tree@gmail.com Angeline : 9686314113 Rituparna : 9008151302″

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