Whitefield’s Challenges

Whitefield’s secret is out and it’s now a construction zone. The pace at which new buildings come up, one resident wondered if Whitefield Rising was referring to the high rises popping up everyday. (It does not :))

A survey of Whitefield’s issues when we started in Feb 2013  resulted in the following. No surprise that they match the dismal Ward Quality score  nicely. (We are 190th out of 198 wards.  A higher rank denotes lower quality of life). However property prices dont correlate with these scores..

Issues with highest votes

  1. Garbage – 96%
  2. Water – 96%
  3. Sanitation – 83%
  4. Model for addressing the issues – 80%
  5. Lakes  – 80%
  6. Civic Sense – 75%
  7. Trees – 73%
  8. Traffic – 70%

However, people are willing to lead some other causes also

  1. Clean Air
  2. Bringing as many educated people to vote as possible
  3. nutrition/ education/ sanitation for under privileged

Other factors to be considered as we make choices on what to focus on include “Barrier to entry, Leadership & SME availability , ROI, and the all important fact that only the “HAVES” have had a chance to vote on the issues.

Top of mind for people besides the issues listed in the survey include:

  1. Emissions from Graphite India causing huge health hazards
  2. Learning centers for domestic help/ drivers
  3. Top class multi purpose sports facility required
  4. Status Symbols (car is the aspiration for rich and poor) causing further issues.
  5. Reliable public transportation
  6. Very passionate about helping and trying to make a small difference in the lives of school going children to efucate them with BASIC english, which CAN help them do better tomorrow.
  7. Public Transportation – We have no affordable means to get from Whitefield to surrounding areas and back, and have to pay exhorbitant non-standardised fares to autos or rental cabs for small trips.
  8. Better integration of the so called educated non-kannadigas making the effort to learn the local language, so as not to make an excuse for lack of ability to communicate in the same and thus be inclusive in your initiatives and approaches.
  9. maintaing data on domestic staff like maids,drivers and doing ref checks ultimately improving their employability as well
  10. Garbage — automatically reduces stray dogs, beautifies, gets people walking and reduces traffic, etc