Whitefield Rising Opportunities

Come join the fun. You can move to other responsibilities or leave when you like. However, be sure your mission is to make a  difference to Whitefield. The fun is a by-product 🙂

  • Events Manager (Occasional responsibilities)
  • Accounting Manager (Occasional responsibilities)


Events Manager

  • Manages all  aspects of event management: Location, seating, F&B, event specific amenities, scripting the day of for punctuality. Ultimately responsible for outcome of event
  • Will be a partner and co-lead with all focus groups


  • Doer, enjoys organizing and setting up stuff. Has been good at organizing past events (even just for family). Preferably understands Kannada. Builds contacts with various local vendors for pandals, chairs, food, printing, etc.
  • Will take on and independently work the details without leaning on focus group too much. Examples of events will include: Lake cleanup, Planting Saplings event, Dandiya,
  • Candidate clued into the overall vision of WR and the purpose of the event. Will likely act the role of the “Leader” of the event for each event even when event is triggered by focus group
  • Not a desk job person. Will be active on phone, go meet vendors, visit site and enjoys “Showtime”.
  • Enjoys the spotlight