UDID-resources for persons with disability

Resources for helping persons who have some permanent physical or mental issues that prevents them from carrying out their daily life. They may have a disability

The Constitution mandates that all citizens with any kind of disability are entitled to a life with dignity and prosperity in India. To avail of these benefits, the nature of disability needs to be verified and such persons get a UDID card, similar to an Aadhar card.

  • What is UDID?

It is a card for availing all government benefits for benchmark disabilities. This single card can be used pan-India, similar to an Aadhar card, to avail of government benefits no matter in which state the person lives.

, the UDID is critical because they can avail benefits such as scholarships, pensions, reduced railway fare etc in addition to the reservations for jobs and college seats which are available to ALL persons with disabilities.

  • What is benchmark disability?

Benchmark means where the disability is 40% or more. This has to be certified by an approved hospital based on guidelines given in RPWD (2016) Act. The disability act gives clear guidelines on how to calculate percentage for many kinds of disabilities.

  • Where can we apply for UDID?

Application has to be made at www.swavlambancard.gov.in.The application is really simple and self-explanatory, with details of Aadhar, disability, photo etc required.

Once the application is made, an enrolment number will be generated and a list of hospitals will be provided for further processing.

The applicant MUST visit any approved hospital next. Without this, the application will not be processed. Every approved hospital has a UDID card department. The applicant should go there and give his enrolment information. Hospital will process it and update the assessment. Hospital also has to give final approval to generate UDID certificate and card. In case a person is unable to access the website, they can go to the hospital’s UDID department, and they will do the entire processing. Each hospital processes only certain kinds of disabilities. So, before going to the hospital, one should check if the concerned disability is processed there.

  • How long does it take to get the Card and certificate once we apply?

Applicant is expected to receive both the certificate and the card within ONE MONTH. If the card has not come after one month, applicant can go to the hospital and pursue it.

  • What is the validity of the card?

Depending on the kind of disability, the validity of the card is either temporary or permanent. The cards with temporary validity will need to be renewed in due course of time.

  • Which hospitals are approved?

The list of approved hospitals is given on the website http://www.swavlambancard.gov.in/findNearestMedicalAutority. (Please note the spelling is NOT Authority.) By entering the state and district, the approved hospitals along with their address and contact information will be shown. Not all approved hospitals will certify all disabilities. So, it’s important to contact the person concerned and verify that it is the right hospital for the particular disability of the patient. For eg. NIMHANS does NOT certify hearing disabilities, though it is able to assess it, since certification needs an ENT surgeon.

  • What about children who are obviously intelligent but unable to learn to read, write and do basic arithmetic?  

Roughly one in ten children fall into this category. Teachers and parents typically find them lazy, distracted, stupid, stubborn, disruptive and so on. These children may be suffering from a condition called Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD). Their brains are wired differently and therefore the usual methods of learning do not work with them. When a normally intelligent child is unable to learn to read, write and do basic arithmetic, these conditions must be ruled out. With the right kind of intervention, these children can be as successful as any neurotypical child SLD encompasses a host of conditions – dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia. According to the law, people with SLD are considered as Persons with Disability and are eligible for all the benefits the disability law provides. They also can get a UDID card.  In order to get the UDID, the child needs to get assessed by licensed educational psychologists using the NIMHANS approved test battery, either privately or at approved hospitals. This assessment will then be examined by a medical BOARD atone of the approved hospitals  In Bangalore, NIMHANS and St Johns Medical College and Hospital perform these assessments for a very nominal charge.

If the parents are unable to get a formal assessment done, informal assessments can be done by trained special educators, so that remediation can start as early as possible. However, at least ONE formal assessment MUST be done before the age of 14 since there no norms yet in India for ages above that. A pre-14 assessment by a licensed clinical psychologist (in private practice) will be accepted by the medical board and disability certificate will be issued on that basis at a later age.

Disability certificate and UDID can be applied on the basis of this assessment anytime afterwards, at one of the approved hospitals. With this certificate / UDID, several concessions can be applied for in exams, with reserved quotas in colleges and jobs.

  • Which one do I need? Disability certificate, or UDID?

Both disability certificate and UDID card are NECESSARY. The card contains just basic details while the certificate has many more details.

  • Where can I get more details?

For queries regarding UDID, please contact state coordinator Mr Punith Kumar at udidkarnataka@gmail.com 08022866066.

For hospital assessment related queries please contact Dr Shanivaram Reddy (Nimhans) at shanivaramreddy@gmail.com 08026995953.

  • I have no idea how to start. I don’t know whether I am eligible for any help.
  • My relative has a lot of difficulty in carrying out his daily activities due to some physical or mental issue. What do I do?

To find out the various applicable schemes in Karnataka for different disabilities and all relevant procedures, the applicant or caregiver needs to visit the District Disabled Welfare Officer of their home district. The website is dwdsc.kar.nic.in. Clicking on the “District Departments” link on the left side of the page, one can get the names and contact information of the DDWO. For Bangalore Urban district, the office is near Kidwai Hospital on Hosur Road; the DDWO is Sri Umesh 7337731021 / 26577412 / 29752324 dwd.ddwo@gmail.com.

For a ready reckoner, the approved hospitals for Bangalore Urban district are as follows: Its best to call and find out if the hospital is the right one for the disability you want to enquire about. The information given below may also change with time. If we want to take a child, its best to ask the DDWO for guidance.  They should have all this information.

CMO OfficeAddressContact PersonEmail IDContact No
General Hospital Yelahankageneral Hospital yelahanka bus stand road yelahanka old townDr.AsmaTabassumamoyelahanka-hfws@karnataka.gov.in28563885
General Hospital, K.R.Puram, bangalore UrbanGeneral Hospital,K.R.PuramDr Chandrashekaraiah.A.Samokrishnarajapuram-hfws@karnataka.gov.in25612238
General Hospital Anekal, Bangalore UrbanGovt Hospital Near KSRTC Bus StandDr Naliniamoanelkal-hfws@karnataka.gov.in27859292
Epidemic Diseases Hospital bengaluruold madras road, Indira nagar Bangalore-38Dr M. Ansar Ahamededh.bang@gmail.com25510258
Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics Banglore UrbanSanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics,Jayanagar, Byrasandra,Banglore Urban -560011Dr. PavanKumar Chebbisitodirector@karnataka.gov.in26564156
Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health, Bangalore UrbanSouth Hospital Complex, Dharmaram CollegeDr. Sanjay K.Sihelathchild@yahoo.in26639149
MS Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital, Bangalore UrbanHospital Road, Shivaji NagarDR VIJAYALAXMI G Nbowringandladycurzonhospitals@gmail.com25591325
MS NIMHANSNational Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences , Hosur Road ,Marigowda Road, Lakkasandra, Wilson GardenDR.K.MURALIDHARANms@nimhans.ac.in26995201
CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER VICTORIA HOSPITAL , BANGALARU URBANVictoria Hospital, Fort Road KalasipalyaDr Karthik Skarthikshamanna@yahoo.com26708740
MS K.C General Hospital Bengaluru5th Cross, Near Police Station, Malleshwaram,Dr.Venkateshaiahmskcghbengaluru-hfws@karnataka.gov.in23344022
Chief Medical Officer, Minto Opthalmic Hospital, Bangalore  mintobangalore@gmail.com 
General Hospital Jayanagar Bangalore  msjghbengaluru.hfws@karnataka.gov.in 
MS Sir CV Raman General Hospital, Bangalore Urban  mscvrghbengaluru.hfws@karnataka.gov.in