Nothing is Garbage if segregated. Once mixed, can’t be fixed

Its simple. With the below model, on a daily basis, just the Sanitary waste really needs to go out. You will have 3 other bins that take all the other trash.

Easy once you know

Easy once you know

  1. Organic food waste which is moist and can be easily composted.  If you need convincing, read this.
  2. Dry waste like cardboard, bottles, cans, metal, glass which can be easily recycled.
  3. Special wastes like Electronics, Batteries, Medication that you store to specially give away for careful recycling

So why are we not already doing it if its so simple? Baffles us too! Regardless, its the Law and now you can be fined.  Model citizens like Vani Murthy have been so successful in wards like Malleshwaram. We just haven’t followed them yet. Better late than never though. Pay special attention to knowing what each type of waste means. For example, really, all dry waste can be recycled. But if you gave it all to BBMP/rag pickers, they only have time for the “high value” items. That will leave 80% of that dry waste not recycled. Therefore its important to try and have the right agencies process your dry waste. Even better, this should tell you that the cost of recycling our waste is so high, we might be better off trying to avoid purchasing such stuff. After all there are so many other good reasons to not buy Kurkure in those shiny packets.

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Store the segregated trash in pretty ways. It makes the whole family want to do it right.

  1. Wet Waste: Compost Bins
  2. Dry Waste:
  3. E Waste: In any bin with a special sticker

A good video on Waste Management :

Follow this man on Facebook. Especially good for Kids.

Classification of waste

Classification of waste

Waste Management Vendors

Bins & Newspaper bags