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Come lets Spotfix

Come lets Spotfix

After months of chasing them, TUI finally surprised us by paying us a visit and transforming an eyesore into a very pleasant space in Sep 2013. But that was only the surface transformation. The real transformation was in the people that both worked on the spot fix as well as those watching it all or using the space. Subsequently, we have been on a roll with fixes. Working with TUI has taught us some fundamentals that we like to keep in mind. Mooh Bandh, Kaam chalu. Do less email, meetings etc. Just go get the job done. You dont need an eternity to plan. You can actually kick off any project you want within a week. It takes very few people to get out and transform. 2% of your community population is a good start.

  1. Observe observe observe. Get out there on the street and just watch. See whats going on. Otherwise everything is an assumption
  2. Respect. Every person on the street has their own perspective on its usefulness. Yours may to be walk on it. Someone else probably makes a living there. Respect them and find ways to make it work for all stakeholders.
  3. Dont violate any law.
  4. Watch TUI videos on Youtube. Especially the passport office series.
  5. Understand that you need to have some plans to maintain the change ongoing. Otherwise the spot can well go back into disrepair.

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