Kitchen Gardening Basics!

Here are some resources to get started because that is really the only way to learn.  Just do.

  1. Join a fantastic group of gardeners on Facebook called “Organic Terrace Gardening” . Also join the Whitefield Only google group for home gardeners. Write to Arvind Keerthi to be included
  2. Attend a workshop on Kitchen Gardening or buddy up with a local kitchen gardener. Vallari Shah in Whitefield has begun taking some classes as well
  3. Containers: Purna OrganicsSK Organics or Whitefield based Greentechlife (for full setup of terrace smartgarden)  or any local vendor
  4. Location: Full Sun! South West is ideal but any place with atleast 6 hours of sun is good. Few plants will work with limited sun. The yield will be less, pest attacks greater and so on.
  5. Soil: For containers, a combination of Soil, Manure, Cocopeat and some sand is ideal. Purna Organics sells Purna Mitti – a ready combination if you like. For the ground, various amendments can be done.
  6. Seeds: Friends, Sahaja Seeds. Start with easy ones – Spinach, Radish, Lettuce . Early harvest, easy to grow. Advance to anything and everything else.
  7. Preventive Care and Fertilizing:  Mulch! Dry Leaves are great. Spray Panchagavya and Neem Oil. Nisarga is one local resource to get these two products. Also plant Marigolds, Onions, Basil around your vegetable patch as these attract the pests to themselves or repel them from the area.
  8. Composters: SmartbinDaily Dump. This will provide ALL the fertilizer your plant needs besides the fact that you will help everyone in Whitefield by reducing what you send to the Garbage heap on our streets.

As an avid gardener, you want bees. These help pollination. People are on a Beehive extermination spree and you need to do your bit to slow that down. Read this.