Kids and Community Service

Schools to send circulars to order Eco Ganeshas
Educate the children in advance about the best Ganeshas to get
Identify  4 locations in Whitefield and use technology to pre-order ganeshas to be picked up on the day of the festival
Add on goodies needed as fixings – eg: flowers, coconut, mango leaves etc .
 Adult volunteers begin planning for Ganesha festival
School Volunteers get ready and planned
Children begin learning about the importance of eco ganeshas .  Orders received by Aug 15.
Order placed with ganesha vendors. Lead time is atleast 1 month since they have to source special clay
Pick up Ganesha – preferably before day of festival to avoid traffic.
Secret Santa prg for slum/ govt school kids
Waste Management
Awareness about using non-CFL bulbs in your school
Recycle/ mass drive of plastic shopping bags from your community
Adopt a green patch/work with Rajani
Heritage & Culture
Profiling interesting local people/ Pride of Whitefield
Organize regular soccer/cricket coaching for local slum childre(ITPL grounds is an option)
For NGOs
Toy collection drive for NGOs ex Karunashrya / Start a Toy library
Volunteer time at local NGOs
Volunteer time at local retirement home(if we have one here)
Chart out a program to involve elderly to volunteer at govt schools
Can we make a `Whitefield Kindness’ day?
Help out with Community Dogs project
Garage sale for charity
a diversity awareness training to educate
youth on global culture
Disaster Management prg
Host a seminar on social media safety
Donate backpacks to school children
Mentor a youth
Design/sell bird nests to villa communities
`About Whitefield’ newsletter emailed to all students from the area studying outside
Create awareness in your home, offices and among neighbours/do a collection drive during holidays
Getting medical and life insurance in bulk for domestic staff
Anti tobacco campaign (can be routed through Koota for maids and male staff)