Injured Animals

Bees in your area  a problem? Recently there were two instances where bee hives in the whitefield area were removed by smoking them with pesticides. In one such case, it was the perceived fear that the bees (which had a hive in an unused apartment) may sting the children playing on the ground below. In the other case, it was the case of the hive obstructing a commercial signage. Bees buzzing in the evening are just returning back home to their hive after a days hard work. They like most animals normally do not attack unless provoked. So it was very saddening to note that about 70000-80000 bees were killed in the above manner. In case the hive must be removed there are professionals who will smoke them out without harming them and relocate them to other wooded areas. One such person whose services are available in Mr.Hanumantha. He can be contacted at 9008402990. He works at the apiculture department of GKVK and is very adept at handling bees.

If you find an injured animal and don’t quite know what to do, please  start with our TGMP Partner – Sumant @ 9916070318

Additional Resources.

9844530033: A resident writes: This is a person called Spurthi we once contacted to save a big bird that was stuck on a cable. He may be able to help.

CUPA PPL BBMP-CUPA Animal Birth Control Centre
Municipal Dog Pound
Bangalore – 560 047
Tel: 91-080-22947302
[Open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.]

CUPA Animal Care Clinic
No. 4, (Old No.39/1) New Devegowda Road
Thimmaiah Garden, Ist Main, R.T. Nagar
Bangalore – 560 032
Tel: 22947312/ 22947313
[Open 24 x 7]
They ll come and pick up the bird