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Whitefield is in Hagadur Ward (#84) of Bangalore under the Mahadevpura Constituency.  The Ward covers 12:68 sq kms and has 26,000 in population though that seems super low going by the traffic.


Our history is relatively recent and goes back about 125 years. A great walk run by some INTACH volunteers explains this history beautifully some of which is chronicled well in the video series called Whitefield Diaries. Amongst the must see spots, The Waverly Inn that is rumoured to have been visited by Winston Churchill to meet the Innkeeper’s daughter, the Old Memorial Church etc weave a story of intrigue.  Mr White after whom the town is named had a vision that was clearly not what Whitefield is today.

Today this place is under threat of indiscriminate development. The CDP (Comprehensive Development Plan) for Bangalore makes no mention of its historical nature. It is truly a forgotten chapter of India’s colonial heritage. Moreover, as there is no heritage legislation in Bangalore, there is no legal protection for any historical area or structure in the city, and thus the onus is on local people to protect the town’s remaining heritage.

Read and watch some interesting videos that are really a labor of love!

Go on a Whitefield Heritage Walk. Write to krupa@saythu.com to be put on the list.

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Whitefield Remembered