Help for distressed women

Bembala, a Whitefield Rising initiative, is a free and confidential volunteer run support center and referral provider for women and children facing any form of abuse or distress. Bembala provides emotional support and assistance through referral networks such as police intervention, legal/medical aid, shelter, counselling, occupational support and more. All services are offered free.

Bembala Helpline number – 9980660548

Whitefield’s First Support Center for Women and Children, BEMBALA (meaning support in Kannada) has coalesced into a group of like-minded individuals whose purpose is to help women and child survivors of all forms of violence.

The Bembala Center at Vydehi opened its doors on the 30th of Jan. This in itself has been possible because of the kindness and good will of so many individuals and organizations. Since late 2020, Bembala has moved its center to a room inside the Whitefield Police Station on Whitefield Main Road.

For more on Bembala, visit Bembala Foundation on Facebook, @BembalaS on Twitter or Bembala Foundation on Instagram

Other help lines are below

Help for distressed women
Resource Name Location Website / email Contact Phone
Helpline Vimochana     Donna/Shakun/Madhu 080 25492781/2/3
  Ashraya TARA Center for distressed women Nomita 080 25251929
CSA Srishti Nisha Byju – MD 91-99643-50050
  Vrushali 9481811907
  Viveka Counseling Centre Indiranagar   080 6533 0387
 Private counselling Manasa Jayanagar     080 2656 5135
  Stree Jagruti Samiti  Jayanagar   Geetha Menon 9845445408
Free phone based counselling service YCH Indiranagar Rwitoja Mukherjee 080 65333323
Rehabilitation Centre Souharda Family Counselling Centre  Jayanagar     26556555

More resources at