CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that Corporates both like to and are required by law to spend some time and money giving back to the community. We are so glad for it.

Capitol One CSR
Capitol One CSR
  1. We know Whitefield and what we want to do next. So we can identify the opportunity – Tree Planting and Spot Fixing are our most popular ones for group activities. Teams of 5 to 100. All are possible.
  2. Whitefield Rising is a registered Trust with 80G
  3. Just write to hello@whitefieldrising.org

Check out pictures from our CSR Events

  1. GE: Lake Planting
  2. Dell Memorial Church Transformation
  3. Sigma Tech Park – ERM Group Spot Fixing
  4. Capitol One Spot Fixing
  5. VDB Builders for Varthur Kodi