Col Pradeep Handa

Col Handa joined NDA in 1955,was commissioned from  IMA in 1959, served 26 years in the Corps of EME, opted for pre-mature retirement from the Indian Army in 1985, set up an export business and has now retired as a Whitefield resident. His hobbies & interest are travelling & sports.

He has always been a firm believer of a philosophy that while dealing with public problems where one doesn’t have any control in his hand, either one occupies the ringside seat, keeps suffering & brooding  or  chooses to come forward & offer one’s services, be a part of the problem/solution &  improve matters. Accordingly he had always been on the lookout for some community service or voluntary outlet with the sole purpose of improving matters in the society.  With his age & restricted eye sight, reading was no longer a pleasure. One day he came across the coverage about the activities of Whitefield Rising and  knew he had found the activity of his liking. He looks forward to working with this team  & contributing his efforts to improve Whitefield.