BBMP processes our waste

How BBMP collects waste

waste route

Primary Collection

(Door to Door collection)

Primary collection is performed using pushcarts & auto tippers. There are around 11000 pushcarts & 650 auto tippers for Door to Door collection of waste in Bangalore.

Secondary collection and Transportation

There are about 600 MSW transportation vehicles including Compactors, Tipper Lorries, Dumper placers & Mechanical Sweepers by both BBMP and contractors.

The waste collected from the households is brought to a common point ie., econdary locations from where the waste is shifted to the treatment sites through compactors & tipper lorries.

Street Sweeping activity

Street sweeping is performed both manually & mechanically. In some of the highly commercial activity areas sweeping is done at night & in the VIP areas the sweeping is done mechanically.