Balaji Pristine

At Balaji Pristine (132 apartments), we started our Waste Mgmt process from July 2012. Our approach has been to segregate waste at the source and handle the wet waste internally for creating compost. We have used the modes of counselling sessions, door to door campaign, pamphlets that clearly explain the waste segregation requirements to make all the residents follow a clearly defined process. We have also put together a process document which explains the complete WM process and that has been shared with all the residents. It has been a slow but steady process to get all the residents to follow the process diligently and today we can say our adherence to the segregation process is 100%. We use the wet waste to create our own compost for which there is a clearly defined process. The dry and recyclable waste is sent out with the help of Saahas and we ensure that all the dry waste is clean and dried up.  It is only the rejects / sanitary waste that is handed over to BBMP on a daily basis. E-waste collection campaign is taken up on a quarterly basis and this is also handed over to Saahas team.