7 star survey questionnaire

Dear Whitefield Community Member,

As part of the effort to make all communities in Whitefield become zero-waste and follow BBMP’s mandate of segregating waste, we request you to participate in the Whitefield Rising ‘7 Star community’ programme.

Whitefield Rising is a voluntary, non profit organisation focused on transforming Whitefield for the benefit of all its residents in a very unique way. As a body it hopes to connect every Whitefield resident and with their support incubate groups of residents that are busy brainstorming and solving our local problems like Water, Lakes, Traffic, Garbage, Pollution, Tree Cutting and the like.

Kindly fill up all the required information in the questionnaire. An independent expert body  Saahas will randomly pick 3 communities from the survey  to evaluate your responses and the rest will be assessed by Whitefield Rising Waste Management Team with guidance from Saahas. This exercise aims at adopting and replicating best practices in the area of Waste Management to achieve a healthy neighbourhood.

Questions to achieve a 7– stars community      

Your name                           :

Your community                :

Your email ID                      :

Your phone number          :


Question Your response
Waste Segregation1. a) Is your community segregating waste generated?


b) What is the percentage of compliance? (0-100%)


c)How much approx.total waste in kg are you generating each month?

Wet Waste2.a) Does your community compost organic / wet waste (kitchen waste, vegetables, fruits, flowers, and leaves)?


b) What method does it use?


Dry Waste3. a) Does your community recycle dry and composite waste generated (paper, glass, metal, plastics & tetra packs, old clothes)? If so, how? Please provide details.

b) What percentage of your total waste is dry waste that is recycled?

c) Would you be willing to donate tetra packs to an NGO?

Sanitary Waste4. What are you doing with sanitary waste (sanitary napkins, diapers, bandages, swabs etc)?  
Medical Waste5. How are you disposing unused and expired medicines?  
E-Waste6. What are you doing with e-waste (CDs/ wires

/printer cartridges etc) generated in your community?

Hazardous Waste7. What are you doing with hazardous & inert waste (ex. spray cans, paints, bulbs, batteries etc & debris, and demolition waste)?  
Other inputsWhat areas do you think you can improve?
What are the challenges coming in the way of optimal segregation? Please elaborate.  
What learnings do you have from working in your community that you would like to share with others? Please elaborate.  
Any additional comments  

For your information there are a number of NGOs who can help you in this endeavour such as Saahas (www.saahas.org), Waste Wise Trust (http://www.wwt.co.in/), E-Parisara (www.ewasteindia.com), Samarthanam Parisara (http://www.samarthanam.org/parisara-samarthanam) etc.

Please let us know if you require help with this.


Waste Management Team

Whitefield Rising