This is what we as a growing group are focused on.

Read to learn what we have learnt. You might find interest in one or more of the areas and want to be a part of it. The only thing we can promise is fun 🙂


Whitefield has many lakes. Unfortunately, they are not all as pristine as we would like them to be. Varthur Lake one of the largest in Bangalore is of special note as its toxicity levels are well above any accepted norms. Where do we begin solving this problem?


Water is at a very precarious situation for us in Whitefield. Come Summer, it makes its shortage felt. Our wells in Whitefield in many places are dry if not at very deep. Construction continues at a frenetic pace and new migrants into town make a beeline for this town. Cauvery Water is clearly not the answer for this place so Tankers zip around town trying to make up for the gap. How long can this last?

Smart Fix

The Ugly Indian has us hooked. Their genius, mystery and fun factor has us wanting more and more. Each community in Whitefield is now stepping up to its citizenship and trying to take care of the street just outside their area. Have you tried a spot fix yet? Don't be surprised if you get hooked!


The wealthier you are, the higher your purchasing power. The higher your purchasing power, the greater your garbage. The greater your garbage, the further you are from its disposal (maids do it). The further you are from its disposal, the greater your ignorance related to this very important topic. Segregation. Well, now its the law and its best to learn about it quickly. This is a must do.


The only harmony you will hear when it comes to Traffic is in our collective voices exclaiming how awful it is. A km can take an hour at times. Pot holes have already caused accidents and deaths. Irresponsible driving and parking by every type of vehicle makes it a wonder that we even get around!

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs evoke both compassion and fear depending on who you talk to. However, everyone is in agreement on the fact that their population needs to go down and folks shouldnt have to fear dogs. Well, there are solutions out there! The government has a neutering program we are just supposed to leverage. Taking away garbage reduces the chances of packs of dogs making a place their home. And where there are already packs, keeping them fed & neutered makes them less likely to be aggressive. So what are we waiting for?


Snakes uniformly evoke fear it appears. What are we supposed to do when we encounter a snake? What should we do if we get bitten? When should an anti-venom be administered? What crucial Indicators do we need to watch for so the doctor has the best chance at handlign the situation?
Injured Wildlife is often seen. Kites fall during the summer from dehydration. Bats are sometimes injured. Who would you call if you wanted to help?/a>

Our Maids

Maids are part of our daily lives here in Whitefield. This isnt necessarily their career choice but rather a job they take out of a need. They often lack awareness of basics that could help them tremendously. Basic Hygiene, Citizen rights, Financial Planning and the like. Arivu Naalivu Koota aims to address many such issues in a fun way. The maids love going to these sessions. Are you helping your maid get to one?
Medical Insurance for Maids

Sustainable Living

If you arent worried about pesticides in your food yet, you should read this section. If you are already worried about it, then too you should read this section :). If you dont want to read any of that but still take some action, well here are some quick tips.1) Do not buy bottled water. Carry your own reusable bottle. 2)Never accept a plastic bag from shops. Carry your own cloth bags. 3)Do not use shiny gift wrap on your gifts. They dont degrade. 4)Buy Organic food. There are some good local resources


Do you know what Whitefield's history is? Ask Krupa. She has been running Heritage Walks in Whitefield every so often. However, whats most striking is that she says her walks get shorter each time as one heritage after another gets destroyed to make way for new construction. Take that walk before there is little left to see.

Our Children

Government Schools around Whitefield are many. But are they set up for the education these kids need to get if they are to succeed in tomorrow's world? Their nutrition is lacking, attendance spotty, facilities quite challenging and much much more. How can we help them as a community? Find out more!