Shijo in BEML Layout

Shijo Francis and Spandana

How many of you have gone through BEML Layout and felt like saying “nice place this”? Turns out, that  isn’t by accident. 7 years ago, long long before Whitefield Rising was even dreamt of, Shijo and a handful of other residents got together and decided to make a difference. BEML being a layout in a very […]

The Case for Local Funding

Lobbying the BBMP to fix your road should not be fundamentally a different experience from shopping for a car. After all, you paid your taxes; you are simply asking for the tax money to come back to your locality. You pay for your car, you take it. You pay your taxes, you get your road. […]


Gujarat meets Tamil Nadu in Karnataka

Anu, a Gujarati housewife cooks up a storm in the Kitchen and outside. Determined to make a difference, she got involved as soon as she realized a Signal Free Corridor was to come. (One wonders where she gets the time knowing she is already working on so many projects just within Whitefield Rising. But this […]

Divya Hasta

Helen Keller Day

Dear All A visually impaired couple runs the Divya Hasta Charitable Trust  for more visually impaired people. Mr Richards is infact known to many Whitefielders. Our own Sreedhar of Nisarga in Lakeview Farms has worked with them for many years. Occasionally they have celebrations that mark an important occasion and bring light into their lives. […]


Mr Universe!

Many times the stories are best told as is. Below is a cut and paste of an email thread that shares how a community comes together to support its people. This thread however does not reflect the immense support Bala gets from his self appointed mentor Nagaraj who goes around publicizing this case and the […]

Safety- a powerful word

This blog is written by a 11th grader. Safety is a powerful word. It is defined as “the the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.” In a country where crime, violence and lawlessness are rampaging, is anyone truly safe? Every day, there is a report on a bike […]

Safety Barricade for Vodafone Digging

Vodafone creates Havoc in Whitefield!

July 4, 2014 Update; Soon after the below incident, Mr Saisiva of RanCon the contractor for Vodafone executing this work called us and assured us that they would quickly comply. We did see barricades and some signs pop up and were appreciative of the effort. Citizens are now quickly showing up everytime they are asphalting […]