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Silver nut tree earrings1.

Upcycled Cool Stuff!

We love that residents of our area take what is considered waste and made them cool. Their passion is apparent as is their entrepreneurial spirit. Love it! Silver Nut Tree writes in to us as below.  The idea took root from the concept of finding immense potential in everyday objects thrown away as trash. The […]

upcycled gifts

Eco Friendly Birthday Parties

When you see the love pouring forth from parents to their children expressed in birthday parties some do wonder about the impact to the environment those shiny gift wraps, decorations and  more do. So the below was a most refreshing email! Malovika writes>>> What can one do for a birthday party with paper roll tubes, […]

Calling our Water Warriors!

Did you catch Whitefield Rising’s INKtalks Water event at Jagriti on Saturday April 5th ? You know I am just another concerned Whitefield citizen – just like you! I want to mention that I was ecstatic to see the turnout on Saturday! Thank you for spending your morning with us, and for all your questions and concerns […]