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regent place rocking

Thubarahalli gets a fix

When we got the first note from a resident of the community called Regent Place reg his interest in improving the area around him, we just requested he fill out a simple template. From there started a journey where we verified whose land the space he was talking to was, what improvements could be done, […]

Regent Place Spot Fix

Come join this group of residents of the area as they spruce up their public space. Have fun, be the change you want your kids to see and then schedule the next one at your own address. Digital Library (adjacent to Regent Place and across from Paradise Nest)

Whitefield Womens Day Spot Fix

Come see what the fuss is about. Sharp 8:00 am across from Waterwoods Apartment (not far from Forum value mall, Sigma Tech Park) If you are a woman, you really want to come to this and meet other like minded gals in town. If you are a man that respects and celebrates women, then you really […]

In an emergency

Emergency Care: CPR Course

36 people are confirmed. Room for 5 more. India has the dubious distinction of being known as the coronary and diabetes capital of the world. In fact heart disease is the No.1 killer in the 25-69 age group in urban and rural India. We recently heard of a very tragic death due to improper care […]

She moves mountains

Whitefield Inner Circle gets a Makeover

 When Shailaja saw that the problem at the Memorial Church Spot Fix was not fully resolved, she put on her detective hat and went looking for the source. In that search, she found a gem of a community around the Whitefield Inner Circle Park and quickly made friends. Whitefield’s only park and originally conceived by […]

Water Tank before

Water Tank at RgHalli

It is surprising how quickly a spot fix can happen. Even the planning for it! :). On Jan 25th, the TUI group chatted about the fact that it was tradition to do a Spot Fix every Republic Day. Well, Whitefield has enough spots and more than enough enthusiasts wanting to make a difference. So just […]

Spot Fixers

Spot Fix:Historic Memorial Church

As a Christmas Gift, we are delighted to present the transformation of the ugliness outside Memorial Church that is currently a shame to our heritage. Come with kids as this can be a fun one to join.  Bangalore’s First Heritage sign on a historic location will be installed here.