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Waste Warrior School

A responsibly managed sports event at Inventure Academy with no generation of non recyclable disposables Almost 300kg wet waste generated comprising of food, tissues, paper liners and biodegradable cutlery were managed inside the school premises by putting them for composting in a pit. This has saved a huge carbon print involved if the waste was […]


Habba beckons you!

Whitefield Habba is an initiative to bring together people belonging to diverse backgrounds and residing in different parts of BBMP’s Mahadevapura Zone. To be held at Whitefield’s oldest spot – Inner Circle ground – the fest is ‘by the people, of the people and for the people’ of the locality. Organized by citizens’ group Whitefield Rising on the occasion of Karnataka Rajyotsava, the six-hour event will   rich culture, crafts and cuisines of the state. As the attached poster mentions, a variety of […]


Make Your Parties Eco-Friendly by Switching from Disposables to Dinnerware on Rent

Two women from Bangalore are changing the use and dispose habits of people in the city. They are slowly replacing disposable ware with dinnerware that they rent out for parties. Pooja Dixit and Shalini Goel, two friends from Bangalore, often conversed with each other about what they could do to alleviate the garbage menace in […]

seat at the table

A Seat at the Table

An Honest Reflection This  Republic Day we noticed that those champions that have labored over community upliftment are being recognized in so many different ways everywhere. Media recognition, Chief Guests at various functions, Conducting waste management sessions or Solar Energy sessions, our people are everywhere. Many are happily utilizing the holiday to “work”. So what […]