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Travails of a Borewell road resident

Today, I’d like to share my journey of getting a Voter ID card. I submitted my application to include my name on 27th June 2016 through As per the procedure listed in the website, I assumed that the application will be processed automatically. I was impressed with the instructions provided and ease with which […]

seat at the table

A Seat at the Table

An Honest Reflection This  Republic Day we noticed that those champions that have labored over community upliftment are being recognized in so many different ways everywhere. Media recognition, Chief Guests at various functions, Conducting waste management sessions or Solar Energy sessions, our people are everywhere. Many are happily utilizing the holiday to “work”. So what […]

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So, Is Local Self-Governance Now Here?

The Karnataka Municipal Act 1976 stipulates that there “… be a ward committee for each ward … (that) shall consist of … the Councillor representing the ward, … (and) ten other members … (including) members of resident’s associations … .” The KMC’76 Act further stipulates that the “ward committee … prepare ward development schemes, … , ensure proper utilization of funds, … , supervise all programmes […]

VOTE Aug 2015

Whitefield Rising Manifesto

WFR Manifesto Final What citizens want ? An active and vigilant Corporator. Working Ward Committee – Citizens will support Corporator at higher levels of Government. Bi-weekly meetings and published weekday for public meetings. Corporator must inspect and visit the area physically weekly. Actively work with Companies (CSR) and individual citizens of the Ward. Identify and […]


Voters Registration Drive

Voters Registration Drive July 12, 2015 Sunday, Munnekolala, Bangalore It all started when we started thinking why (Shridi Sai Nagar) residents are ignored in getting our basic amenities. When we started taking the count of the registered voters in close to 35 apartments it was hardly 25% of the total residents. When we announced this […]