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Constructing a Life—Brick by Brick

For three decades, P. Gopinath, 31, has been witness to changes in Whitefield. The small-time builder has come a long way since the days of cleaning cars and typing documents. Here are excerpts from an inspiring conversation, post Deepavali, in Hindi—the bridge language between the two of us since 1998.  On Whitefield Rising I was […]


Ramya helps Mrs Kannan

The below is what happens when two people that dont know each other work with a community spirit in mind. I cut and paste an email directly from Mrs Kannan. Though she writes to me, I had no hand in the resolution of the matter. Note that just polite conversations were had letting the park […]

Shijo in BEML Layout

Shijo Francis and Spandana

How many of you have gone through BEML Layout and felt like saying “nice place this”? Turns out, that  isn’t by accident. 7 years ago, long long before Whitefield Rising was even dreamt of, Shijo and a handful of other residents got together and decided to make a difference. BEML being a layout in a very […]

The Case for Local Funding

Lobbying the BBMP to fix your road should not be fundamentally a different experience from shopping for a car. After all, you paid your taxes; you are simply asking for the tax money to come back to your locality. You pay for your car, you take it. You pay your taxes, you get your road. […]

Divya Hasta

Helen Keller Day

Dear All A visually impaired couple runs the Divya Hasta Charitable Trust  for more visually impaired people. Mr Richards is infact known to many Whitefielders. Our own Sreedhar of Nisarga in Lakeview Farms has worked with them for many years. Occasionally they have celebrations that mark an important occasion and bring light into their lives. […]

stop street harassment

Girls beware near Kundanahalli Gate Bus Stop

This came in from a girl that was affected! And how lovely to see that she took the trouble to document this and share. Thats the spirit of a real citizen! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FOR (GIRLS) RESIDING IN AND AROUND KUNDALAHALLI GATE ,BANGALORE : ************************************************************************************** BE AWARE !!!!STAY GUARDED and next time please take a look around […]