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Student spreads the word

She is barely 14 and she can do this. I think we can take a cue. Here is an email that came in. Dear Sir/Madam, I am Nina Raman, a student of class 9 studying in Deens Academy, Whitefield. I would like to promote an ECO Ganesh Chaturthi and spread awareness regarding environmental hazards, including […]

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Carpooling comes to Whitefield

Whitefield Rising is excited about Carpooling and  is partnering with PoolCircle to bring down our collective carbon footprint. We will pilot it in a few communities to begin with.  Here is everything you need to know to get started. How will this work? Your community needs to be signed up and assign an “admin” . […]

neighborhood watch

Neighborhood Watch

A vigilant and engaged community is a safe community. Not too long ago, we lived in villages where everyone knew everyone else. If anyone witnessed a crime, a crowd would come to the rescue of the victim. But somewhere, as we urbanized, we lost that sense of community and became nuclear. We avoided getting in […]

seat at the table

A Seat at the Table

An Honest Reflection This  Republic Day we noticed that those champions that have labored over community upliftment are being recognized in so many different ways everywhere. Media recognition, Chief Guests at various functions, Conducting waste management sessions or Solar Energy sessions, our people are everywhere. Many are happily utilizing the holiday to “work”. So what […]

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What a determined group can do

Dear All Over the last two years of working together we have achieved a HUGE amount. The charm of the movement has come from our freedom to flex ourselves in the area of our choice. Along the way, we have also learnt from each other! More of us are taking the bus or walking. Even […]


Black Fridays: Whitefield Bachao

Whitefield Bachao. Mr Government, We want no politics. We just want governance. We become citizen traffic wardens to manage traffic. We search high and low for solutions to our polluted waters. We clean up garbage and plead for your regular service. We register to vote and wait on tenterhooks to see if you will register […]


Can we help Master Deepan?

This very sad case stands in front of us thanks to Shanthi Chandola. Can we put our heads together to come forward and help this little child and the young family? You may know of some foundations or NGOs that help people with such rare conditions.       Shanti writes as below Ilayaraja is about […]

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No Froth without Toxicity

The Issue: Varthur Lake is toxic.  The froth is an indicator of that. Let no one tell you the froth is due to the extraordinary use of the overly clean residents around here using frothy detergents.  The verdict comes from IISC no less. Worse, it is contaminating the ground water around the area and if […]