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Is Deepavali without Crackers an Oxymoron?

Is Deepavali without Crackers an Oxymoron?   by Pravir Bagrodia Bengaluru 23 Oct. 2016   Diwali or Deepavali, literally a row of lamps, is just a week away. We look forward to the festival of lights year after year. During my childhood, I used to strongly associate crackers with the festival, but as years passed by, the focus shifted elsewhere. Cleaning and white-washing the […]


Kundanahalli Spot Fix

Those who have gone past Kundanahalli Junction will vouch for the filth that abounds the area. Could anything be done to make this supposed pedestrian footpath actually walk-able? Everyday at least 50,000 people and numerous vehicles traverse this location. It has been two years now since the Whitefield Rising team tried varied approaches to understand […]


Goonj Daan Utsav 2016

~ Contribution by Whitefield Rising to support Goonj ! This drive was led by WR champion Devyani Trivedi. Our WR champions from different communities got together to collect donations in 3 different categories : 1. Grains 2. Spectacles 3. Two meter cloth The drive started on 26th September and went on till 8th October. On […]