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Jute bag

Rent-a-Shopping Bag

Rent-a-Bag project in Nallurahalli, Whitefield was inaugurated on Saturday 19th March. Jute bags (sponsored by VDB)  and cloth bags (sponsored by Intel) were distributed. All vegetable shops from Nallurahalli Junction to Casa Gopalan building were covered. A total of 1500 bags were distributed with 15+ volunteers which comprised local villagers, Whitefield Rising champions, ward committee members […]


We ask the Transport Minister

Whitefield Rising met Bangalore’s Transport Minister, The Transport Commissioner and the MD of BMTC. While a large number of asks were possible, we narrowed it down to the basics. See the asks as well as the responses below. 1)BMTC Drivers to stop at Bus Stops and nowhere but the bus stops. Drivers don’t listen to […]