Archive | December, 2015
Save Chennai

Chennai/Cuddalore Relief Drive

As we all know Tamil Nadu had the worst rains in a 100 years which disrupted & uprooted people’s lives causing extensive damage to house/property, loss of lives and brought things to a complete standstill. The worst hit were the capital city Chennai and northern districts like Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur and Puducherry. Lakhs of […]

Roads of Whitefield

Road Relief

For 2+ years now, a few people like Anu Parekh & Arvind Keerthi, have worked hard to see how they could move the government machinery into improving the infrastructure here in and around Mahadevpura and neighbouring areas. Then when things got really bad, the public stood up to protest and how! 10,000 people came together […]



What a day! It was a treat to see people pouring out of streets and alleys to join the human chain, merge in seamlessly, bringing their own posters, chanting their own slogans, and through small acts of kindness, reinforcing each others’ faith in the compassion that is at the core of all of us. One […]