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Varthur Lake

STATUS AND NEXT STEPS FOR LAKE VARTHUR On May Day 2015, Bangalore’s Lake Varthur gripped the country’s attention as 12-ft-high “toxic foam” gathered on the lake surface.  The foam is just the tip of the iceberg: The foam is generated by a mix of detergents, phosphates in urine content, industrial effluents and other chemicals found […]

Whitefield Infra - Road works

Whitefield Infra – Road works

Whitefield Rising has laboured with the Government to bring as much attention to Whitefield as possible.  It means, understanding what we need, what works are already budgeted, what that budgeted work actually translates to, timelines, pushing for more work, questioning usage of funds etc etc etc. Over the last year, this group has quietly pieced together […]


Summer Camp Around the World

Report on the Summer Camp for the Underprivileged children of Government Schools in Whitefield Key Information at a glance:  Camp Duration: 13th April to 30th April Camp Mission: To help children from neighborhood Govt. Schools remain connected with the school system and discover the joy of learning. Camp Theme: -Learning about the world through Art, Language, […]

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No Froth without Toxicity

The Issue: Varthur Lake is toxic.  The froth is an indicator of that. Let no one tell you the froth is due to the extraordinary use of the overly clean residents around here using frothy detergents.  The verdict comes from IISC no less. Worse, it is contaminating the ground water around the area and if […]