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Varthur Lake Update

Here’s an update on what the team has been doing on Varthur Lake to date: – met with BDA – met with Principal Khan who gave us some good background and also introduced us to Dr. TV Ramchandra of the IISc – met with Dr. TV Ramchandra who suggested that the best option is for us […]

Road Mess

The New Mess on the Block, now no longer!

Just opposite Kundalahalli Colony is a road that houses four residential communities, and is therefore a much frequented one. For the last six years the road has been lucky to have good Samaritans plant lovely bougainvillea, and various trees that provide some shade to the passerby. While it has also witnessed vehicular traffic, potholes and […]


Whitefield Mobility Vision FAQs

Whitefield’s traffic is a Mess. What are the top things that will make a “sustainable” impact to us all? What is the Mobility Vision? The traffic re-routing plan is only one piece of a vast puzzle. The police planners are fully aware (as pointed by many commentators on social media) that a couple of one-ways […]

spot fix material

How to do a Spot Fix

Whitefield Rising Smart Fix Action Plan To be completed by team  requesting smart fix Possible Date Time Name of contact person email phone number Location Stated problems Describe timing and type of garbage ( household, dumping, shops,Traffic, illegal parking etc) Who all are interested (Community/individual home/shops) Who will maintain and follow up( need minimum 20 […]

Varthur Kodi before after

Spot fix + Traffic Fix

Value Design Build (VDB) approached Whitefield Rising to participate in one of their spot fix programs. We were shown multiple locations where we could participate in the spot fix program, VDB was clear from the start, that if they ever participated in a spot fix program, we needed all our employees to participate and make a difference. […]