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Short Term Relief from the Traffic Snarl

Traffic is a nightmare in Whitefield. Duh, you knew that already!  Relief from this is no easy task. But given that 36,000 crores in revenue is said to come from this area, the road and related support infrastructure is pretty dismal. A multi pronged approach is being taken to chip away at it. What WR has […]


Transformation and how!

Meet Christina Lifedream Skills has helped hundreds so far and we are proud they are now helping our Whitefield Youth. They believe in the ability for everyone to stand up with respect and earn a fair living and especially inspire that confidence in school dropouts. 22  such youth rose high this month. Read what Christina […]

wrong side driving

SFC. All you wanted to know.

What is the SFC? SFC stands for Signal-Free Corridor. It is envisioned that a motorist starting from Vellara Junction deep in the Bangalore city can travel to Hope Farm at Whitefield on a road that is (almost) signal-free. This is to be done by creating grade-separators (i.e., under-passes or flyovers) at major junctions. This is […]


Cycle Day starts in Whitefield

What do you get when you cross an early morning with a street blocked for the public to cycle or play traditional games? The answer is “Unadulterated Fun”. And so it was with the launch of the already popular elsewhere Cycle Day in Whitefield. It didnt just come about of its own accord :). Volunteers […]


Clean and Eat Your Street, Kundalahalli Colony

Clean and Eat Your Street, Kundalahalli Colony – Oct 2014 This spot fix was initially planned sometime in August, announced in September, cancelled and then finally happened as two Stretch fixes in the 2nd and 3rd week of October :). Click here for a photo journal that provides an idea of how it worked out. Overview: […]