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waste collectors with the tri-cycles used for collection

Chaithanya Samarpan adopts Waste Segregation

Chaithanya Samarpan, a gated community of 203 homes had been toiling with waste management initiatives for at least 4 to 5 years. For various reasons, it lost steam and we were back to square one, which was sending all the waste un-segregated to landfills.  The garden waste was taken out in tractors, which was dumped […]

Pravir Class

Stars that Shall Shine

Get transported into a Garden of Eden at EVOMA, Whitefield. This is where LifeDream Foundation ( is giving a chance  for  school drop outs (18 years+ females) to get 3 months full time FREE spoken english/computers/lifeskills. The programme started in August and has 20  kids, between 15 – 20 years, having dropped out at the 9th, 10th or PU […]


Pledge Your Eyes

Every year India celebrates National Eye Donation Fortnight between the last week of August to the first week of September. During this various advocacy initiatives and programs are organized across India. India is home to 4.6 Million corneally blind people. Out of 4.6 Million 90% are below the age of 45 years including 60% below […]


Graphite from Graphite India in your lungs

Pollution by Graphite India ========== Graphite India, present in Whitefield, processes graphite daily in huge quantities which releases a large amount of fine graphite soot into the atmosphere. This is fine enough for it to not be very visible, yet is breathed by, not just the Graphite India employees, but, all the daily commuters, residents […]

Parivatan workshop

Workshop on personal safety for children

A workshop was conducted by Counsellors trained at Parivarthan Institute of Counselling and Research. This well organized, informative, useful, relevant, and practical workshop was organised at Veracious Lansdale Clubhouse in July end. Some of the key learnings from the workshop are summarised below. Every domain of a child’s world has some kind of dangers. A parent cannot be […]