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Mr Universe!

Many times the stories are best told as is. Below is a cut and paste of an email thread that shares how a community comes together to support its people. This thread however does not reflect the immense support Bala gets from his self appointed mentor Nagaraj who goes around publicizing this case and the […]

Safety- a powerful word

This blog is written by a 11th grader. Safety is a powerful word. It is defined as “the the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.” In a country where crime, violence and lawlessness are rampaging, is anyone truly safe? Every day, there is a report on a bike […]

Safety Barricade for Vodafone Digging

Vodafone creates Havoc in Whitefield!

July 4, 2014 Update; Soon after the below incident, Mr Saisiva of RanCon the contractor for Vodafone executing this work called us and assured us that they would quickly comply. We did see barricades and some signs pop up and were appreciative of the effort. Citizens are now quickly showing up everytime they are asphalting […]


Thanking Mrs Raghavan and Satguna Trust

We published the need to support some of our kids in our previous newsletter. Here is an email that came in that makes us proud. Whitefield Rising folks, you rock.   Mrs Vasantha from Satguna Trust writes. Greetings.  Upon receipt of a cheque for Rs. 47,000/- from Ms. Raghavan, the same has been disbursed as […]

BBMP Commissioner

Commissioner Laxminarayan and Whitefield Rising

  On June 13, 4 of us representing Whitefield Rising met the BBMP Commissioner Mr Laxminarayan. This was when he was right in the middle of dealing with the Mandur Crisis. So we were delighted that he actually met us and whats more, he had heard of us and even seen our work. We reiterated […]

Silver nut tree earrings1.

Upcycled Cool Stuff!

We love that residents of our area take what is considered waste and made them cool. Their passion is apparent as is their entrepreneurial spirit. Love it! Silver Nut Tree writes in to us as below.  The idea took root from the concept of finding immense potential in everyday objects thrown away as trash. The […]

upcycled gifts

Eco Friendly Birthday Parties

When you see the love pouring forth from parents to their children expressed in birthday parties some do wonder about the impact to the environment those shiny gift wraps, decorations and  more do. So the below was a most refreshing email! Malovika writes>>> What can one do for a birthday party with paper roll tubes, […]